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Barbara Dimitreas


Nymphi in Greek is a mythical creature of haunting beauty. Nymphi, the brand, is my part of a journey of generations. 

I have followed the path from a different continent which has led me home, to a land of history and legends. The wild setting of the Mani, abundant in light and color, offered the inspiration and the canvas for the creation of Nymphi.

My inspiration, the mythical nymph, is free to dwell, to dance and sing in the mountains, springs, rivers and groves. She is connected to her natural surroundings and her beauty reflects her divine spirit. At Nymphi, a unique design label based in the Mani of Southern Greece, we work to embody this spirit.

My passion began with creating beautiful, unique adornments and accessories, and then clothing for women to wear in very special moments of their lives.

Talented and inspired artisans create couture evening bridal gowns and accessories sewn by hand, from the very finest materials. Beautiful stones and embroidery, lace and luxury fabrics that have to be touched to be believed, each piece is a part of one woman’s story. Bringing together design and a love of comfort and the perfect fit, Nymphi gowns are designed and perfected on women, appreciating the complexity of the female form

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